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Burgas Airport is situated in a picturesque bay on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 10 km north-east of the city of Burgas which ranks second among Bulgarian municipalities by its well-developed industry. Its specific geographical location – on the border between Europe and Asia, has contributed to its strategic importance for the new relationships in the modern world. The potential of Burgas Airport for handling passengers and cargo has a strong effect on the development of a transport network, tourism and trade between partners from the East and the West.

 Recent News
Last generation Boeing aircraft at Burgas airport
Burgas airport is the first in Bulgaria which serves B747 800F. Dreamliner will land in summer.
Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD started to handle at Burgas Airport a new aircraft type from Boeing family - B747 800F
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Summer flights schedule at Burgas Airport came into force
Burgas airport will connect the marine city directly to over 150 destinations during the summer season
  The summer flights schedule at Burgas Airport went into effect on March 29th . Most frequent destinations in it are the regular air routes to Moscow, Sofia, Prague, London and St. Petersburg
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 Flight Information
Information last updated on: 25.05.2015 04:02 / Local time: 25.05.2015 04:02
24.05 22:30 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC7134 Berlin Tegel T2 22:35 Landed
24.05 22:40 BH Air BGH5554 East Midlands via London Gatwick T2 23:26 Landed
24.05 22:50 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC7322 Leipzig T2 22:52 Landed
24.05 23:35 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC7138 Munchen T2 23:32 Landed
25.05 09:20 Yamal Airlines LLM9325 Moscow Domodedovo T2
25.05 10:20 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC1142 Basel T2
25.05 10:55 Thomas Cook UK TCX2062 Manchester T2
25.05 11:20 Bulgaria Air FB981 Sofia T2
25.05 11:25 Thomson Airways TOM7158 Birmingham T2
25.05 11:35 Thomson Airways TOM2130 Manchester T2
25.05 12:30 Thomson Airways TOM4150 London Gatwick T2
25.05 15:30 BH Air BGH5580 Edinburgh T2
25.05 15:30 S7 / Siberia Airlines S7923 Moscow Domodedovo T2
25.05 15:35 Bulgaria Air FB983 Sofia T2

 Flight Information
Information last updated on: 25.05.2015 04:02 / Local time: 25.05.2015 04:02
24.05 23:15 Air VIA VIM703 Hannover T2 23:28 Departed
25.05 04:30 Bulgaria Air FB988 Sofia via Varna T2 Check-In
25.05 04:35 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC1141 Basel T2 Check-In
25.05 07:20 BH Air BGH5579 Edinburgh T2
25.05 10:40 Yamal Airlines LLM9326 Moscow Domodedovo T2
25.05 12:05 Bulgaria Air FB982 Sofia T2
25.05 12:10 Thomas Cook UK TCX2063 Manchester T2
25.05 12:50 Thomson Airways TOM2131 Manchester T2
25.05 13:45 Thomson Airways TOM4151 London Gatwick T2
25.05 15:00 BH Air BGH5569 Manchester via Newcastle T2
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